Niti Yojak is a reasearch based organisation which aims at creating awareness of people centric policies of the Union and the State Government to the last in the queue.
It also envisages to provide the data based public view to the Government on different issues which helps them in incorporating the best public opinion in the legislation.
It also aspires to create a forum where the contemporary social, national and global issues are discussed and communicated to the concerned authorities which helps them in the resolution and enactment of such issues.

Our Objectives – 

  • To be the leading centre of Research in the field of History, Culture, International-Relations, Law and Policy of India.
  • To promote cultural ethos, social and economic dialogue for the social cohesion and economic prosperity.
  • To enhance the spirit of Indianness and by exploring and enriching measures to strengthen national unity and Integrity.
  • To be the key influencer and work towards achieving the dream of New India.
  • To be the advocates and campaigner for environmental protection and awareness by setting the global precedent and standards in the developing world with the help of innovation, technology, inclusiveness, sustainability and knowledge to enhance India’s abilities in leading the world and providing global solutions.
  • To participate in planning process to strengthen cooperative federalism in India.
  • To create public policy awareness by bringing together policy makers, youth,academicians and researchers.
  • To undertake the research work to fill the existing policy gap and necessary activities, ranging from conducting and assisting the various government agencies.
  • To collaborate with leading agencies to undertake the research work.
  • To contribute in the National Security by organising various seminars, round-tables meet vis-a-vis geo-political issues.
  • To publish its report from time to time on key policy issues.
  • To work towards Global Relations-bilateral, multilateral and institutional in multi-dimensional prospective-balancing risks and opportunities.
  • To work towards education, health, indigenous culture and groups.
  • To work in the area of promotion of Good Governance, Nation-building and Civil Society-impinging on domestic stability, national potency and synergy as well as for vibrant democracy.